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Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry is one of the oldest faculties of the college. The department is housed on the ground floor of "Science Block". The under graduate course in Chemistry was started in 1972 and the experience gained through successful running of this course culminated into the start of Post graduate course in 1992. The department also facilitates researches and has well equipped laboratories along with a departmental library.

  • The Department of Chemistry was established at the College during the year 1947.
  • Later during 1999 the restructured double main semester course Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry was introduced at the undergraduate level.
  • It follows the syllabus and course pattern prescribed by the University of Kerala.

Academic Programme

  • Chemistry as one of the three core courses in the restructured Biotechnology multi major under graduate course
  • As complementary subject in the undergraduate Biochemistry course
  • It follows the syllabus and course pattern prescribed by the University of LNMU.

Our Vision

  • Our vision is to train the students on basic elements of industrial chemistry with particular relation to chemical industries and equip them with a potential to contribute to the academic and industrial requirements of the society

Our Mision

  • This programme enables them with tools needed for the practice of chemistry, which remains a discipline with much stress on experimentation.
  • To provide a detailed knowledge of the terms, concepts, methods, principles and experimental techniques of chemistry
  • To impart sufficient qualitative/quantitative, analytical and synthetic chemical knowledge and skills to our students
  • To provide innovative, dedicated classroom instruction at undergraduate level
  • To communicate the excitement of chemistry to the public at large.
  • To develop the students’ capacity to readily adapt to and make use of emerging technologies
  • Above all The Department of Chemistry stands for a Learner oriented value based educational system.

Our Goals

  • To render an environment that motivate and inspires excellence in teaching and research activities
  • To inculcate professional ethics to serve mankind and society